“How are laws converging, what factors are driving it? What are the challenges in building more convergence and how do we get there?”
21 24 October
Tirana Albania

"Welcome to the 2019 International Conference"from Elizabeth Denham, Chair of ICDPPC

Welcome note by the Host

On behalf of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner of Albania and the Executive Committee of the ICDPPC, I would like to invite you to Tirana, Albania, in the Western Balkans, to attend the 41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC 2019).

This 41st edition of the ICDPPC will be held from 21 to 24 October 2019 at the Palace of Congresses located in the heart of Tirana. Data Protection and Privacy Authorities, practitioners, as well as companies from across the globe are invited to join the 41st ICDPPC and assist to a programme that, as we speak, is being prepared by a group of dedicated top experts gathered around an Open Session Programme Advisory Committee from across continents and domains of expertise.

Attending the 41st ICDPPC will also give you an opportunity to discover and learn more about Albania, ideally located on the Mediterranean Sea.

Albania is a country rich in history, culture, nature and gastronomy, acclaimed for its religious and cultural diversity and tolerance. Member of the UN, NATO, WB, UNESCO, COE, OSCE, WTO and OIC, it is also an official candidate for Membership in the European Union.

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Our Speakersin order of appearance

Keynote Speakers


Programme Advisory Committee

EDPB Chair Andrea Jelinek calls for more global convergence on data protection and closer cooperation between competition & data protection regulators

In the run up to the 41st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC) in Tirana, the European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL) is doing a series with interviews with commissioners from around the world. The first to answer questions by EDPL’s executive editor Nelly Stratieva is Dr Andrea Jelinek, EDPB Chair and Director of the Austrian Data Protection Authority. […]

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41st ICDPPC Open Session programme and speakers line-up now live!

Announcement of the ICDPPC Secretariat and the ICDPPC 2019 host: The ICDPPC 2019 Open Session agenda has just gone live with the detailed speaker line-up! The Albanian Host Authority for ICDPPC 2019 has announced the excellent line-up on their website here: Register for the ICDPPC in Tirana today! Many thanks again to the Programme […]

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Special tours with special rates for special guests

On the occasion of the 41st ICDPPC, we are pleased to propose to all our attendees the tours that will make your stay memorable The host of the 41st ICDPPC, i.e. the Information and Data Protection Commissioner of Albania would like to propose to all the participants to this year’s International Conference a special package […]

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All the latest developments from the ICDPPC CONFERENCE

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