Social Programme

20 October 2019

20.00 – 22.00 – Tirana By Night Guided Walking Tour.

“Tirana walk tour”: Guides available at Skanderbeg Square for groups up to 15 persons.

21 October 2019

18.15 – Buses departing in front of the Palace of Congresses and visit of (BunkArt 1) for the 41st ICDPPC Closed Session members.

The anti-nuclear bunker was built by the communist government. A 5 floor structure underground, with 106 rooms and an assembly hall, now turned into an historical and art center called “BUNK’ART”. The passageways, the areas provided for meetings of the General Staff of the Army in the event of war, the rooms where was thought would sleep the communist leadership in case of a nuclear attack, the gigantic hall dedicated to the meetings of the political Bureau which contains also an Albanian typical Buffé, are transformed into a video exhibition museum and into art. As of April 2016, BUNK’ART has turned into a unique attraction site for tourists, presenting the Albanian lifestyle during the 45 years of communism.

Distance from venue (Palace of Congresses): 5.8 km
Trip duration: 25 minutes (one way)

19.45 – departure from (BunkArt 1) to the Royal Palace (Palace of Brigades) for the Gala Dinner and ICDPPC Awards ceremony for 41st ICDPPC Closed Session members.

The Presidential Palace (Alb: Pallati presidencial), formerly the Royal Palace (Alb: Pallati mbretëror) and popularly known as the Palace of Brigades (Alb: Pallati i Brigadave), is the official residence of the President of Albania. The Palace was commissioned by King Zog I of Albania to serve as his main official residence.

In 1945, it ceased serving as a royal residence because the monarchist regime was substituted by a Communist-ruled government. Since 1946, it has been used by the government of Albania for official ceremonies and state receptions.

Distance from venue (Palace of Congresses): 2.1 km
Trip duration: 10 minutes (one way)

22 October 2019

Cocktail and exhibition / reception (National Historical Museum) of Open Session participants on the evening of 22 October 2019.

The National Museum of History (Alb: Muzeu Historik Kombëtar) is a historical museum in Tirana, Albania. It was opened on 28 October 1981 and is 27,000 square meters in size, while 18,000 square meters are available for expositions.

Above the entrance of the museum is a large mural mosaic titled The Albanians that depicts purported ancient to modern figures from Albania’s history. The museum includes the following pavilions: the Pavilion of Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Independence, Iconography, National Liberation Antifascist War, Communist Terror, and Mother Teresa.

Distance from venue (Palace of Congresses): 1.8 km
Trip duration: 9 minutes (one way)

23 October 2019

Concert – show – exhibition and gala’ diner / all participants at Palace of Congresses on the evening of 23 October 2019.

The Palace of Congresses (Alb: Pallati i Kongreseve) is a venue in Tirana, Albania, where numerous festivals and events are held, including the annual National Song Contest (Festivali i Këngës), Magic Song Festival (Kënga Magjike) and the “Tirana Book Fair”.

It was built during the late communist era to host the Congresses of Albanian Labour Party and other main activities. Today, the palace is used as a functional venue that hosts conferences, festivals, exhibitions, ceremonies, concerts and more. It currently has a capacity of 2,100 seats.
There are three other smaller halls, with a smaller capacity of 150, 280 and 300 people, designed as working environments for different meetings and occasions.

It was designed to harmonize different elements of the local architecture from north to south.

24 October 2019

VIP Dinner (TBC) on the evening of 24 October 2019. Venue to be confirmed.

25 October 2019

Final Reception of Innovation Nest (all ICDPPC delegates entitled to attend) on 25 October 2019. Venue to be confirmed.