Special tours with special rates for special guests

On the occasion of the 41st ICDPPC, we are pleased to propose to all our attendees the tours that will make your stay memorable

The host of the 41st ICDPPC, i.e. the Information and Data Protection Commissioner of Albania would like to propose to all the participants to this year’s International Conference a special package of tours, negotiated and arranged with one of our leading market operators VAS Tours Albania, through Albtours D. This package includes some of the best touristic spots, cities and attractions of our country, starting from the capital Tirana, and the close-by cities of DurrĂ«s and Kruja, to end-up as far as Saranda, Berat and Gjirokastra, Albania’s gems.

These tours are available from 19 to 27 October, and the reservations are made online by clicking here. We recommend that you book your seat for your trip as early as possible as their number is limited.