07.00 – 08.00 Breakfast at the hotel, check out
08.00 – 08.40 Drive to Butrinti Archaeologic Park
08.40 – 10.30 Visit Butrinti Archaeological and Natural park

The highlight of your day will be the excursion to Butrint – designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 1997. Over the centuries, the ancient town had disappeared under layers of silt and vegetation – but archaeologists have uncovered one of the best remains of a working town in the Mediterranean. At the edge of the lake where the ancient city of Vouthrota is situated, with its well-maintained archaeological monuments and ancient theatre, the visitor is taken 2500 years back in time to the 3rd century A.D. The ancient gymnasium, the Roman ablutions, the ancient temple with the priceless mosaic floor and the enormous stone walls will take you back to a time not known to man. Upon reaching the top of the hill lies the castle of Ali Passa, an oddment of the Ottoman Empire, from this position we have a panoramic view of the Ancient City, the lake and the vast plains, a breathtaking sight. After time for refreshment in Saranda, drive back to Tirana. (6 hrs)

Enjoy the journey along many beautiful bays, dotted with villages and pristine beaches of Porto Palermo, with its long history buffs, from the Mediterranean pirates to the stronghold fortress of Ali Pasha, Himara, Dhermi, passing up the mountain to Llogara National Park with pine forest and then descending from this mountain pass toward the bay of Vlora. Lunch on the way to Vlora.
Continue driving to Tirana (2.5 hrs)

English speaking guide for 2 days 180 euro 20 116.75 pp in DBL/149.25 pp in SGL
Transport in disposal for 2 days 785 euro 25 107.10 pp in DBL/139.60 pp in SGL
Lunch (or dinner) 14 euro/pp/ per meal 30 100.66 pp in DBL/133.16 pp in SGL
Castle 2 euro/pp 35 96.10 pp in DBL/128.57 pp in SGL
Etnographic Museum 2 euro/pp 40 92.63 pp in DBL/125.13 pp in SGL
Butrinti Archeological Park 7 euro/pp
Castle Porto Palermo 1 euro/pp
Accommodation in Saranda (5* hotel) 85 euro/dbl room/night 75 euro/sgl room/night