• Where can I apply for side events?

    For side events please contact
    or visit
  • Where can I apply for side events within the Palace of Congresses?

    The deadline for applications within the Palace of Congresses has expired on 28 June 2019. href=”mailto:contact@privacyconference2019.info”>contact@privacyconference2019.info .
  • Where can I apply for side events in hotels nearby?

    The deadline for applications for side events in hotels nearby is on 31th July 2019. Please confirm your interest at contact@privacyconference2019.info.
  • Who do I contact for conference matters?

    For conference related matters please contact privacyconference2019@idp.al
  • Why I am not being redirected to payment gateway after completing pre-registration?

    Registrants can pay either by credit card or wire transfer. Following pre-registration, a link to the payment gateway will be sent to the delegate’s email address. This link serves firstly to set the delegate’s account, allowing access to the website, and payment of the registration fee, which, if preferred via credit card, is provided by myticket.al. Please check your spam folder, as sometimes the link ends up there. If you still encounter problems, we may reissue the payment link, so please let us know.
  • I have selected the wrong category when registering, can I retry?

    Notify us at privacyconference2019@idp.al, we will cancel your pre-registration and notify you accordingly. You may then register again.
  • Where will the conference take place? Where is it located?

    The conference will take place at the Palace of Congresses, which is situated at the “Dëshmorët e Kombit Boulevard”, a stone’s throw from the city center.
  • What is the cancellation policy for the conference?

    Refund for cancellation of registration will be made and subject to the following deadline and handling fee: Written notification of cancellation received on or before 16 September 2019: Full refund with a deduction of approx. Euros 40,00 handling fee. Written notification of cancellation received after 16 September 2019: No refund.
    • Notification of cancellation must be made in writing via email to privacyconference2019@idp.al.
    • You must indicate your name and registration number in the notification of cancellation.
    • All refunds will be processed after the conference. Delegates will be notified of the refund arrangements by email.
    • If you cancel your registration, please remember to also cancel your hotel and travel reservations. The conference host accepts no responsibility for making those cancellations.
    No refund or discount can be given for non-attendance of events, early departure or cancellation of any function listed in the registration entitlements
  • Does my registration fee include accommodation, airport transfers or visa applications?

    None of the above is included in the registration fee. Your entitlements are listed at: https://privacyconference2019.info/registration/registration-entitlements/
  • I do not wish to be photographed or video recorded during the conference, where can I opt out and how you will ensure it?

    You should contact the host of the 41 ICDPPC at: http://www.idp.al/na-kontaktoni/?lang=en A badge with a specific ribbon color will be provided to you at the first registration desk you will reach.
  • I would like to choose a different payment method, neither wire transfer or credit card work for me; can I receive a simple invoice stating the amount to pay?

    We may provide a receipt, upon request, at privacyconference2019@idp.al. You need to state the name of the delegate, his/her title, his/her organization, and the latter’s address. Don’t forget to email to us the bank receipt as soon as possible, in order to receive your final confirmation with the delegate unique barcode.
  • I attempted to pay via credit card, but failed to complete the process. The message I received states: “Your payment was not successful. Please contact your bank for the reasons why your card was not able to make a payment.

    – There are generally two reasons for this: 1. You are using a card which is not supported by the vendor’s system (you may only use Visa or Mastercard). 2. You are hitting the Back button before submitting the completed form, thus impeding the payment process to complete. You may need to repeat the process. – If none of the above applies, please contact us at privacyconference2019@idp.al. We may re-issue the registration link or explore other possible solutions.
  • I want to pay for all my colleagues at once. Can I do that?

    This is technically feasible, but a special payment link needs to be generated upon request. We would recommend clearing payment for each single registrant.
  • Can I use the same credit card for different purchases?

    Yes, it is possible using the same credit card for more than one ticket purchase.
  • I’ve registered a colleague, but now he/she is unable to attend, can another colleague attend in their place?

    Yes, you may replace a delegate with no additional cost, by contacting privacyconference2019@idp.al.